As social media platforms go, Instagram is definitely one of the most crucial and relevant. Instagram users can take advantage of the features it provided. One of it is the Instagram stories. Users of this platform don’t like this issue of unavailability of posted Instagram stories right after 24 hours had passed. You won’t find an option of saving your memorable clips posted. It’s not available in this system. Great thing is, there’s a strategy of saving those videos. Here are tips on how to download Instagram stories.
Save Instagram Stories for the Entire Day Follow the guide provided here so you can save the Instagram story video you made for the whole day. You can then playback it for future functions. Be noted that the video is not individually saved according to the photo stories posted. This method will definitely cost you more time as you will need to view first other parts before you view the part you want. Still, this is a far better choice than not having a copy.
In order to save your stories for the day, first, you must tap on the story icon that is located at the top left corner of your feed, the one which bears your display picture along with the other story profiles of the users you follow. Upon tapping your story, you will find 3 dots situated at the top of your screen. Many choices will be shown if that is clicked. Tap MORE option then pick the SAVE option so that you can finally download your story. Render time will be required before you can see the video in your camera roll.
Saving Clips of Instagram Stories Individually This method can let you save the clips individually as opposed to one big video file of the entire day’s events. Hence, this technique lets you watch selective clips of your liking and alleviates you from the hassle of viewing the whole story. What makes this method distinctive from the method mentioned earlier is, here, you need to select the SAVE VIDEO option, and not the SAVE STORY option and this will enable you to download the particular clips you have chosen instead of all the clips in your Instagram story.
Make use of Somebody Else Account to Download Instagram Stories We do not care whatever your own reasons are for downloading Instagram stories making use of other accounts. The whole procedure for this is simply simple for you will just make use of third party sites. These third-party websites typically operates in exactly the same manner and for the same goal. So it will be merely a matter of selecting which one really works best for you.
The Use of Third Party Site: Download It Now Either a username or a URL of the profile is required, get them ready. Different sites have distinct requirements, so you’d better check which they need before you get started. Soon after providing the required information, you may select the story you wanted to download. You will soon be completed immediately after clicking on the “Save” option. Select the folder destination of the video file you wish to view later.
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